Point of the Day With Susannah Barr

Check out this point! Susannah Barr, one of our local pros, was Robb’s partner! Great work, Susannah!

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Point of the Day – 2020 Las Vegas Pickleball Open

Everyone loves a great rally during a pickleball game and we are so excited to be able to share a fantastic one with you!

If you missed it this past weekend, Pickleball Channel was able to air the live stream of the PRO Mixed Doubles matches from the Las Vegas Pickleball Open presented by Head Penn Pickleball.
This point during the bronze medal match between Robb Cassidy & Susannah Barr vs. Irina Tereschenko & Riley Newman was so surprising, as we watched it happen live, that we had to share it with everyone. It has everything: diving, scrambling, no-look shots, poaching, covering, ernes, cross-court action and more.

Watch this Point of the Day video showing all the athleticism these players could muster and if you can get out on a court in your area, try to have an amazing rally yourself!

Special thanks to Hyland’s Leg Cramps for making Pickleball Channel possible. Find out more about Hyland’s Leg Cramps and other products by going to https://www.hylands.com/products/adults/leg-pain.

Special thanks to Head Penn Pickleball for presenting the event.

Special thanks to Dave Benz and Simeron Gonzales for their exemplary commentary during the live stream event.

Special thanks to Plaza Hotel & Casino who have supported the growth of pickleball by providing this professional broadcast event the last three years.

Special thanks to Digital Wave Productions for creating this professional broadcast and showing the world how great pickleball really is.Tags: medal matchPickleballPoint of the Day

Update to the History of Pickleball in Boise

From Carson Spencer

2020–In the fall of 2019 the Boise Parks & Recreation sent out construction bids for the Pickleball Complex in Hobble Creek Park.The construction company Tennis/Track Company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah won the open bid to complete the longawaited Pickleball/Tennis complex. Tennis/Track Company one if not the best post-tension concrete construction companies in the PacificNorthwest started construction on May 18th, 2020 with the expected completion date close to the middle of October, 2020.The Hobble Creek Pickleball Committee Co-Chaired by Carson Spencer and John Sweeting with members Nanci & Cris Bent,Terry Donohue, Rudy Whittaker, Ronda Reed and Margo Hunter worked with the Boise Parks & Recreation on the details and added amenities to make the complex the most outstanding in the state of Idaho.  12 dedicated Pickleball courts 4 dual use courts for a totalof 16  playable Pickleball courts.  The future looks great for yearly big tournaments, recreational play and the possibility of  hosting the PacificNorthwest Regional Tournament in the near future.  Grand opening to take place around October 15th, 2020.

You can read the entire history by clicking here or from the pull down menu ABOUT/CONTACT US

Memo From Boise Parks and Rec


As we begin to wind down the summer can you please send out some reminders to the players in Boise Pickleball Club?

  • Please wear court shoes that are meant for the tennis or hard court surface. We are noticing shoe marks left from running and hiking shoes more frequently.
  • No tape is allowed on the court surface. Our maintenance staff has been pulling up tape at various sites, the past month.
  • Do not permanently adjust the nets on the dual court locations, Boise Hills, Bagley, Helen B Lowder and  Terry Day. All courts need to be returned to their proper net height, 36” in the middle, every time.

We do appreciate the continued efforts from everyone in keeping the courts and surrounding areas clean and respecting the court hours. Happy Pickleballing!

Paula LawsonAquatics and Adult Sports ManagerParks and Recreation DepartmentOffice: (208)608-7685plawson@cityofboise.org Creating a city for everyone

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