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Did you know that a ball does not necessarily have to go OVER the net to be a legal play?

From Pickleball Channel:

Check out this amazing type of shot that is totally legal in pickleball! It’s not often a camera can catch the exact angle of a shot so that everyone can see it, but we happened to in this one instant during the So Cal Summer Classic held in Oceanside, CA – and we just had to share it with all of you. In this quick video, Dave Weinbach and Kyle Yates are competing for gold in the Mens 19+ Doubles match. This was one of those crucial points won in jaw-dropping fashion. Yes, the shot is legal, and it won the two players the point in a great match with Wes Gabrielsen and Matthew Blom. Eventually, Weinbach and Yates fought for and won the gold. You don’t want to miss this stunning sequence of game play.

Pickleball Binge

nationalsY’all have heard of a Netflix binge–watching multiple hours of a series all at once.

How about a pickleball binge? That sounds even better!

Here are links to ten, yes TEN, Open and Senior Open gold medal matches from the USAPA Nationals VI Championship held in Buckeye, Arizona, in November 2014.

Each video contains commentary which explains shots and techniques. A great watch!


ANOTHER Free Lesson!

free-lessonThe BPC Player Development Committee has scheduled the 4th FREE* lesson for Thursday July 30th at 8:30 a.m. @ Helen B Lowder Park.

At previous lessons, between 20-26 players have attended.

They are getting very good instructions on how to play PB at a higher level.

*Free for BPC members. You can join at the lesson. 🙂

Watch Some Great Pickleball!


Are you ready to watch four amazing pickleball players at their best? Don’t miss this gold medal match from the So Cal Summer Classic in Oceanside, CA. Pickleball Channel was fortunate enough to get courtside, and we are proud to feature this match in its entirety. Watch Heidi Hancock & Tonja Major battle against Alex Hamner & Jennifer Lucore for gold in the Open Women’s Doubles.  We love featuring gold medal matches so our subscribers can witness the athleticism and speed required to play for gold! Check out the action!

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