Thursday Clinics at ETC

From Eagle Tennis Club

ETC is happy to announce clinics each Thursday at noon for beginners and at 1 pm for 3.0+.  Please call the front desk (208) 938-3015 to get signed up. There will be a max of 8 players in each, Dylan Lammers will teach the  clinics featuring a skill and drill format covering a different part of the game each week.  The clinic is a great way to improve your game and meet new players.  Sign up and join the fun!

Club Round Robin May 6!

It’s time to register for our May 6 round robin.  The number of slots are limited to 44 since the City still has limits on size gatherings in public parks.  Please email our vice president, Chris Clougherty, at if you wish to play.
We’ll send details on the exact start time and format once we have a better idea of the number of players.  At this point we are thinking of two full rounds in the morning which means each player will be guaranteed a minimum of 8 games.  Then, after lunch, a playoff for the highest scoring 4 or 8 players.  
All you have to do at this point is send an email to Chris.  This will guarantee you a spot in what will be the first of a number of exciting events this summer.
So, please register and get ready for our first great event of the year, our May 6 Round Robin/Potluck.  What could be better — friends, food, and pickleball?  We look forward to seeing everyone there!
Jane HostenyBPC Secretary

Are You Interested In A Certified Rating?

From Kathy Getto and Chris Mounier

An Interview with a Ratings Specialist

While the goal for everyone playing this game is to “improve” and be competitive, this often comes as a result of “playing with players of equal abilities”. Therefore, finding our ability or skill rating is important so we can compete and more importantly have fun..

While some players go to tournaments and learn through wins and losses that they are closer to this level than that level, there is a quicker way to find out what your skill level is. 

How? By booking a session with a rating specialist. 

Today we are interviewing a ratings guy who lives in the Treasure Valley… 

Can you tell us your name and a little about yourself? 

My name is Chris Mounier, and I’m a “Certified Rating Specialist” through IPTPA. 

What is IPTPA?  

International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association. They are the world leader in developing teaching standards in the sport of pickleball. 

Why should I consider getting a certified rating? 

By obtaining a certified rating through this program, players will achieve an internationally recognized rating for recreational skill level play at clubs and the confidence of knowing which skill level to enter at their first tournament. 

Players who have gone through an IPTPA rating session have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses while having a better understanding of the path needed for individual improvement. 

Is the rating system you use accurate and effective? How does it work? 

The IPTPA rating system is the only 100% objective skill-based rating system in the world. 

Players will be tested on dinks, ground strokes, 3rd shop drops, volleys, overhead, offensive lobs, serves and return of serves. 

They will also participate in “ghost doubles”, where they will play other players at the level they are testing to achieve. 

I’m interested in learning more. How do I contact you? 

I am a member of BAPA, live in the Boise area and am also a  ” Certified Pickleball Trainer” by both Pickleball Coaching International and the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association. I look forward to meeting and working with you. 

You can reach me at or by phone at 818-825-6678. 

Host Families Needed For Heroes Memorial Tournament, June 3-6

From Kathy Getto:

Thank you for your support of pickleball in the Treasure Valley.

The Boise Area Pickleball Association’s Heroes Memorial Tournament is less than two months away. It will be held June 3-6 at Settlers Park. 

We already have over 300 participants registered, and that includes over 100 who live outside of the Treasure Valley.

Some of those out-of-town players are looking for a host family to stay with during the tournament. 

If you are willing and able to host a player or two, please fill out this form and the housing coordinator will get in touch with you. 

Thank you for helping make this BAPA tournament fantastic!  

Happy Pickling,

Susannah Barr + Kathy Getto

Heroes Memorial Tournament Co-Directors

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