Mentor Program

Boise Pickleball Club Mentor Program


The goal of the club mentor program is to help members “Play Better,” which is this year’s theme. The mentor program is designed for those of you who have played for a while, know the rules and basic court positioning but feel that you are ready for instruction on shot fundamentals, more advanced pickleball strategy or anything else that will help your game.


Club skill rating levels of 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 are eligible to participate in the mentor program. Larger group sessions will be available outside the mentor program for the novice players.


The Process for Mentors:


  • Mentors’ names and contact information will be on our website. If the mentor has any particular restrictions, such as skill levels they would prefer to mentor, day or time constraints, etc. that information will be indicated on the site.
  • Each mentor will be working with groups of four players. The players within the group should be of a similar skill level (not necessarily the same skill rating level).
  • The mentor will determine how many groups they are a willing to work with. When they are no longer taking additional groups, they will remove their name on the website.


The Process for a Group with Four Players


  • If you already have a group of four players, of similar skill level, there is no need to add your names to the sign-up sheets.
  • Simply select one member as your “group captain.” The captain will contact your mentor of choice or have one randomly assigned.


The Process for players looking for a Group of Four


  • If you want to sign up but can’t find a group of four, there will be a sign-up sheet on the club website. Simply sign up, providing the required information and wait for someone to contact you.
  • If two people want to be in the same group, they should sign up together on the sign-up sheet.
  • Monitor the sign-up sheet and contact players of similar skill level. Remember, players in the group should be willing to practice together.
  • Once you have identified a group of four players, select one member as your group captain. The captain will contact your mentor of choice or have one randomly assigned.
  • If a group chooses to have a mentor randomly assigned, the captain should e-mail Carson Spencer and a mentor will then contact the group captain.
  • Remember, once your group is formed, delete your names on the sign-up sheet since you are no longer looking for a group.



The Structure:


Once the groups are established and the mentor is chosen or assigned, there is limited structure!

  • The group and the mentor will work together on how often they meet, what they want to work on, etc.
  • There is no “lesson plan” however; the mentors are all working towards the same goal, which is to teach sound, fundamentally correct pickleball.
  • The mentors will be working from the same “play-book” but remember all players have different styles and priorities so you may experience some variance from mentor to mentor.
  • There is not a predetermined number of sessions between each group and mentor. This will be a mutually agreed upon length of time, it can be one session or until you all get sick of each other. Remember, however, that other groups may be waiting for your mentor.
  • Players can form different groups or the same group can enlist the assistance of a different mentor. There is no limit other than the availability of mentors.
  • The courts will not be reserved for “Mentor Play” so off peak hours are recommended.


The Expectation:


  • ALL players participating must be open to the suggestions of the mentor and be willing to practice what is being taught and change their approach to the game, if necessary.
  • The group should set up some time on their own to practice what they learned, and then come back to their mentor at the next meeting time, hopefully, showing improvement.


If you have any questions about the program, don’t hesitate to contact Carson Spencer


Members click here to sign up for a foursome to be mentored

Looking for a Mentor – click here. (Once you have a foursome, use this link to choose a mentor to contact.)

Boise Pickleball Mentors’ General Guidelines

  1. Serve deep
  2. Return deep from your stronger side (forehand for most)
  3. 3rd shot drop unlesss the return is short or high
  4. 4th shot drive at opponents’ feet, unless the 3rd shot is low
  5. Dink cross court most all the time
  6. Only offensive lobs
  7. Hit it soft when the ball is below your knees
  8. When the ball is above your waist, be aggressive
  9. When in trouble, reset the point with a soft drop
  10. Over the net every time, down the middle most of the time

Ten Commandments of Pickleball

  1. Keep your eye on the ball
  2. Make all serves good
  3. Make all return of serves good
  4. Make all 3rd shot returns good
  5. Do unto others before they do unto you
  6. Limit you errors
  7. Always have a game plan
  8. Change a losing strategy
  9. Communicate with your partner
  10. Always show good sportsmanship

Note:  All mentors to present the above in their own way.  Not all mentors are the same.

Adust your presentation according to the skill level at hand.