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Play Rotation at Manitou Park

Dear BPC members,

Many people have been asking if we could split at Manitou based upon general ability level.  We did that in the last tournament and everyone said it was far more fun to play that way.

The board agrees and encourages everyone to begin doing this every day. 

This is easy to do — less advanced players hang your paddles on the left side of the gate, more advanced players put your paddles on the right side.  The benefit will be that everyone will have more evenly matched games and more fun.  So, all players please begin to do this Wednesday, June 16, and remind your friends to do it also.

Everything else will stay the same — all players will play 2 games and then come off.  No one will get to play more games than anyone else.  If the paddle line is shorter on one side of the gate, feel free to put your paddle there.

Don’t worry, everything will work out, no one will be shorted and you will all have more fun.  Give it a try — we know you will like it!

Chris Clougherty BPC VP

Jane Hosteny BPC Secretary

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