Membership Committee:
Chairman: President-BPC
Members: Officers of the BPC
The purpose of this committee will be to explain the advantages of being a member of the BPC to all players and to encourage each players to join and support the BPC. The members of this committee should contact each player on an annual time line to increase the membership participants.
Player Development Committee:
Chairman: Joel Shaber at
Members: Deb Richter at
                Stan Sluder at
                Carson Spencer at
                Mike Dougherty at
                Dwight Eck at
                Christopher Clougherty at
The purpose of this committee is to be responsible for all issues involved in the instructions of pickleball to all skill level players. Its members shall consist of those who have training experience and expertise in the areas of coordinating clinics, round robins, writing instructions and working with all players in the area.
Ratings Committee:
Chairman:  Carson Spencer at

Member: Dave Mattson @

The purpose of this committee is to have a more systematic methodology for establishing and changing players skill levels. This committee will operate within USAPA/IFP rating descriptive guidelines.
Members who want to be rated will be asked to do a Self-Rating analysis to help the committee prepare for each player’s assessment.
Sheets for levels 2.0-4.0 can be viewed and downloaded at Skills Assessment Sheets.

 Social Committee:

Chairwoman: Nancy Haga

The purpose of this committee will be to organize all social functions of the Boise Pickleball Club: notify all members of the upcoming social activities, prepare all steps involved with each function, and report to the BPC Officers the outcome and suggestions for additional activities.

Tournament Committee/ Round Robins