Update to 2021 USA Pickleball Pacific Northwest Regional Championship

We have a few updates to share with you.

We are proud to make a couple announcements about our upcoming Boise Tournament. Tue 06/22/21 thru Sun 06/27/21

#1 Selkirk will be our title sponsor – 2021 USA Pickleball Pacific Northwest Regional Championship Presented by Selkirk
#2 Franklin X40 will be our tournament ball and is providing some of the portable nets we will need for the weekend.
#3 “PNW Premiere” Sponsors include both OneShot Pickleball & Pickleball Planet.  Our goal is to offer the opportunity to the PNW based Pickleball companies to support the largest pickleball tournament ever in the PNW.
#4 Gamma Pickleball continues to be a supporter of USA Pickleball and the tournaments in the PNW.
#5 Jigsaw Health will have samples of their “Pickleball Cocktail” for every player.

In addition to all the sponsors, Bill McManus has agreed to be our Head Referee and Referee Coordinator.  We are using the software developed by Shonda Davidson called “Pickleball Desk” – Here is the link www.pickleballdesk.com/signup/116

If anyone is interested in getting started with Referee Training, remote opportunities are coming very soon.  Please contact Jim Cooke at Jim@Cookefamily.us to get all the information.

**Special opportunity** We are extending the invitation to all current PNW USA Pickleball members to nominate someone for a limited number of “Pre-registration” positions for our PNW Regional.  We are specifically looking for players who have help keep our wonderful sport alive during these trying times here in the Pacific Northwest.  There is a specific survey to complete to submit a candidate for consideration.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2021BoisePre

Important update for all pickleball tournament players: Effective April 1, 2021, USA Pickleball weighting/credit for the USA Pickleball Tournament Player Ratings (UTPR) for unsanctioned tournaments will change from 60% to 0%. This means that unsanctioned tournaments will not affect any UTPR. All sanctioned tournaments (whether standard or medal match plus (MMP)) will have a 100% credit toward UTPR. In other words, if you want to improve your UTPR, starting April 1, 2021, you must play in sanctioned tournaments only.

The listing on Pickleballtournaments.com has been refreshed and we welcome all the seniors 65+ who want to play in an “Age/Skill” event exactly like Nationals in Indian Wells.  We might be one of the few options this year, so invite all your 65+ year old to participate.  Also note, the Junior events are “AGE ONLY” once again to match the events offered in November at Nationals.

With the future plans of the Canadian border unclear, we will do our best to be flexible with those players.  Initial plans are to not fill every bracket to the maximum levels until the end of May.

Mike Hoxie | Pacific Northwest Regional Director
USA Pickleball 
Cell:  503-997-2844