Time To Split Up At Manitou

As more players are hitting the courts it’s time for players to start dividing based on ability levels at Manitou.  The club always did this prior to Covid and a number of players have started asking that we return to this system.  This means that the less experienced and intermediate players should play on the left two courts, and advanced players on the right two courts.  Experience has shown that this will give everyone more evenly matched and more fun games.
On the left-hand side, all players will be able to stay on the court for two full games, and then leave the court for new players.  The benefit to newer and intermediate players is that you will always be guaranteed two full games in a row with people close to your skill level. 
On the right-hand side, two games are not guaranteed.  The losing team leaves the court after the first game and the winners stay on the court and split.  Then, after the second game, the losing team leaves the court as well as the winning player who is finishing his/her second game. So, even winning players only get two games in a row.
Let’s start this on Tuesday, March 16.  So, on Tuesday please start putting your paddles on the left or right sides of the gate.  The paddles on the left will belong to folks going onto the left-hand courts, while those placed on the right will be for folks playing on the right-hand courts.  Some of our newer players may not be familiar with this procedure, so we ask older club members to assist them by kindly explaining the ins and outs of the rule changes and paddle placements.

Based upon past years’ experience we can guarantee this will give all people of varying abilities the most evenly matched and fun playing experiences.  We’re starting a new year, and we’re looking forward to a great time for everybody!  See you Tuesday!
BPC Board —   Mike, Chris, Jane, and John